Why Star Medical Center?

Our goal is to provide compassionate, individualized care that anticipates your every need, because it is our desire to always surround you with exceptional medical expertise, personal warmth, and uncompromising comfort.

  • We ensure that all of our people, processes and physical settings are free from danger, risk or injury and are prepared and delivered with precision and accuracy.
  • Doing the right things right by demonstrating in words, actions and attitude what you do well so others can understand.
  • Using empathy and caring to treat everyone with compassion, every time, as individuals.
  • Executing and effectively communicating all of our processes in an efficient manner to achieve outcomes that meet or exceed our guests expectations.
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At Star Medical Center we strive to provide a varied range of services, each of which are distinctly important to overall health and wellness.

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Patient Testimonials

At Star Medical Center, our success is measured by our patients satisfaction and the care they receive when visiting our hospital.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Won, his staff at the office and his staff at Star Medical Center. I was treated like a queen! I love Dr. Won and his organization. I highly recommend him!
Debra H.
Star Medical is awesome. They really care for their patients and the family. I highly recommend Dr. Won and his staff and Star Medical!
Debra M.
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